• Does the penis size really matter?

    The penis comes in many sizes, some large and some tiny, but does it really matter?

    Does the penis size really matter when it comes to pleasing your partner?  Some would say it does for sure, while others would say no.  Do you have a small penis? If so, share here if your partner is getting satisfied by it. As in still cums for you, even with it being tiny. 

    Lets say large cock now insted of penis, it takes things up a degree or two in while talking about it. Some girls prefer a thick meaty long pre-cumming cock to fully fill their tight holes, ethier pussy or asshole.  I'm not to sure about a small cock getting that job done.  Please share with us if you are getting that kind of pleasure out of a small cock.

    Size may not be an issue to some girls, and are fine with it. They get that small cock hard and make it work. Even if the penitration only gives them 3-4 inches inside them. Maybe she grinds super hard against it.

    A large cock can be bad as well. Too large is bad, because most of it goes to waste.  Unable to fully  insert it all in her pussy.  A nice round number that is perfect for any girl is between 7 1/2 -8 inches long and at least 2 inches wide. You get deep, not wasting,fully filling and grindable cock.

    Lets us know your thoughts on this article in the comments section.


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    Thursday 28th July 2016 at 02:54
    Yes...Absolutely! I've been an amateur shemale escort for just over a year now and I've been fucked up the anus by almost 1200 different clients during that time. 1200 clients a year = 100 clients a month = 25 clients a week = 4 clients a day, so I've been fucked virtually every size and shape of penis imaginable, as you probably guessed.

    Getting fucked up the anus by a client with advanced sexual skills and great ejaculation control is obviously enjoyable but both are virtually useless if the guy is packing a dick the size and shape of a hotdog. I respond most intensely to an overinflated 10.5 - 12" dong with slightly curved shaft and a huge balloon-shaped head but that's just personal preference.
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